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Slimmers Review
Wednesday, 24 January 2007
Another year of stupidity has come and gone
Mood:  irritated

When will you people learn?  When will you accept that Slimmers World contestants are either pirated from other gyms and/or take steroids, and YES, I'm talking about the top female contestants as well.  2007 is now upon us and we have yet another year to have to stomach Great Bodes or Bikini Bodies.

 So when will you people learn that this is about marketing?  Look at the before and after pictures.  Isn't that telling enough?  Steroids, steroids, and more steroids.  That's great bodies.  For bikini bodies, they let any and all enter and proclaim them to be "finalists" when anyone with an iota of intelligence knows that Slimmers World marketing agents literally beg and plead with people to compete for them in exchange for memberships and basically anything else under the sun.  The megamall reps tried to do that with myself and my two friends who are part of the "superift" elite class of athletes.  Integrity and the fact that we can't train in their 3rd world or 2nd class facilities keeps us from selling out to their begging and pleading.

Why do I post this?  Because I want people to wake up to the reality that Slimmers World is on the verge of bankruptcy.  What does this mean?  Basically that your "lifetime" memberships will be null and void if this happens.  But what difference does it make?  Their clubs are so oversold with 15 year life-time deadbeat members that you cannot use their ancient equipement without having to wait in line.

So join a real gym.  Think critically and take a hard look at their facilities.  Slimmers World is a 3rd world dump in my experienced opinion.  Only a handful of good gyms exist such as Eclipse 24/7 in Malate and Ortigas/Shaw, the Galleria branch of Golds, Zest, and a few others that are too small and unknown to mention.

Do you want to look like a Great Bodies or Bikini Bodies contestant in 2007 without the steroids?  Forget about Slimmers World.  Let them die the slow death that is inevitable.  There are better choices out there.

Posted by slimmersreview at 2:03 PM EST
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Friday, 21 October 2005
Slimmers World Great Bodies 2005
Mood:  irritated
Well, the time has come for Slimmers World Great Bodies 2005.

First of all, who cares? As an immediate side note, I must say congratulations to a former Slimmers World female member who recently won the Men's Health P150,000 Challenge. Her victory is a true slap in the face to Ms. Camacho of Slimmers World. When I say former Slimmers World member, I mean a member who is technically a lifetime member but has renounced her membership and has neither built her perfect physique at Slimmers, nor will she say anything other than the fact that the pathetic shape of Slimmers World facilities held her back in her progress when she used to train there.

The funniest thing is that they practically begged her to join Great Bodies 2005. Fat chance losers...while she would have probably won, she won't lower herself to the levels of desperation of the other candidates, of which few (if any) actually work out at Slimmers World gyms. Some train at Gold's (which pretty much sucks these days too) and others at smaller bodybuilding gyms.

So I say this...your candidates are typical of a Slimmers World competition. Many of the women are bloated on low-grade steroids (check their deep, masculine voices and lack of feminine hips) and the men are...well...I don't know most of them so my opinion will remain in check. Half of one of those little pink tablets does indeed cause side effects ladies, no matter what your stupid trainer tells you.

If this years show is an attempt to save your Adriatico branch from closure, there won't be much of a chance of that. Fitness First (another shitty gym) is on one side of you, and now Eclipse 24/7 (easily the best club in the country since I know what the owner spent on it and I know his strength coaches), you're finished.

Time for Mr. Moy to take up fishing in Australia. Even your main target of overweight housewives realize that Slimmers World is the epitomy of irony. I've seen the same people for the past two years at the various branches...most have gained weight.

To the Slimmers World Great Bodies 2005 candidates, get out while you still have your self respect. If you think you have a chance to win (deservingly), you'll be sorry. Ms. Camacho has your fate in her chubby hand. Join FAME or something else...there will be many more opportunities than this elusive P100,000 prize. How many sponsors do they have this year anyway? Is there anyone (a class-act athlete at least) who even cares about this stupid contest anymore? I told someone who I actually respect to get out now while she still has some self-respect. But she didn't get it. Maybe she'll get it when the company loses half of their branches to real, result-producing gyms in the future.

Hey Slimmers...did you know that if you run past 5 kph on your treadmills, those cheesy LCD monitors (on a small number of your units) will short out in 3 months? Maybe you should make sure everyone walks....


Posted by slimmersreview at 3:51 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 22 October 2005 4:31 PM EDT
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Monday, 18 April 2005
Mood:  irritated

*Update 5/8/2005* A friend of mine spoke to two of the judges. They said that their picks for the top 5 in both the men and womens categories were in-line with what I described below. Furthermore, these two judges said that it was their opinion that their scores were thrown out by Helen Camacho, OIC of Slimmers World, and also a judge. They basically said that Ms. Camacho is the one who picks the winners. That would make sense since it is my experienced opinion that Ms. Camacho has no competence in picking athletes based on is more on potential marketability. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. SLIMMERS WORLD COMPETITIONS ARE NOT FOR SERIOUS ATHLETES. YOU ARE ROLLING THE DICE WHEN YOU ENTER!! *End update*

A few friends of mine asked me to visit them to watch

them compete in Slimmers World Bikini Bodies 2005. I've

been in the Philippines again for the last 3 months so I

figured I'd take the trip to Subic to support them. In

past years when I watched Slimmers World Bikini Bodies

2003 and 2004, the contests seemed fairly well organized

and at least objective for the most part. Being involved

with fitness and bodybuilding for the last 20 years and

being a judge educated in judging legitimate and fair

bikini/figure shows, usually my pics would place in the

Top 5, more or less in-line with my predictions.

This year the exact opposite was true for Bikini Bodies

2005. There was no rhyme or reason for the judging.

When I watched as the judges were introduced, I felt

myself getting sick as I knew my friends were basically

screwed out of a non-biased and objective opportunity to

compete. Furthermore, people were already grumbling

about a feeling of the competition being "fixed", seeing

it was being held in Subic and Slimmers World was trying

to promote its branch there.

Before I go further, I realize and I understand that

Simmers World holds Great Bodies and Bikini Bodies in

efforts to promote their gyms. They use their actual

members in the competition as a means for them to both

show off their successful clientele as well as promote

their services and facilities. Nobody has ever faulted

Slimmers World on marketing their clubs based on these

competitions. But the "specticle" they hold is at the

emotional expense of the candidates competing. The

outcome is about as predictable as a scripted WWE

wrestling match and it's my opinion that they basically

pick their "winners" based on marketability far more than

they do on accomplishment.

Furthermore, my problem is also with the judges. When

you are holding a bikini/figure competition based on

FITNESS as was Slimmers World supposedly trying to do

with Bikini Bodies 2005, why the hell would you invite a

Ms. Philippines contestant and a fashion mogal to be

judges? If anyone has watches a Ms. Philippines pageant,

it will be clear that actual fitness criteria is not in

their vocabulary. Almost all Binibinis are thin, but are

definitely not fit. Hard-line Filipino beauty contest

patrons are absolutely against muscles on women. Just

look at some of the discussion boards on websites such as

Mabuhay Beauties if you need to be convinced.

Furthermore, you have a business bias against fitness

personalities with those judges. It's no secret that the

fashion industry hates the fitness industry. During and

after a fitness boom, people begin wearing workout

clothes instead of high-fashion apparel. The fashion

industry experiences a plummet in their sales. To

counter this, the fashion designers come out with their

own line of fitness wear. For the most part, this has

been a failure. Personally, if I was in the fashion

industry, I'd pick the "Winners" of the contest based on

who would be friendliest to the image of my industry.

Therefore, for the candidates, I'd pick the finalists

based on height, weight, or past experience with fashion.

That's what happened on the night of Slimmers World

Bikini Bodies 2005. With luck it will never happen again

starting with Bikini Bodies 2006.

So as it went, I saw the 26 candidates as they came out.

It was immediately apparant who were my top 5 for both

the men and the women. The host of the event, I believe

his name was Robert, made it clear that this was not a

bodybuilding show. To me, that was already clear since

figure/bikini shows are not about big muscles. In fact,

they are defined just as Slimmers World described their


Definition, Symmetry, Asthetic Harmony, Balance

(basically the same as symmetry), Stage Presence, and

Skin Quality. Audience perception is a throw-away for

any professional judge, since it was clear that most of

the people would cheer for their friends since the crowd

was 95% from Slimmers World in Manila.

To a trained and competent bikini/figure judge, you

define the criteria as follows from your vantage point:

Definition: Does the individual have abs, mild muscle

maturity, and a low bodyfat %? If so, to what degree?

Everyone knows that Slimmers World tells the candidates

that abs are the most important thing. If this is true,

why did only one girl in the top 5 have mild abs? Why

did the only girl with clearly defined abs (but not

ripped) NOT make the top 5? What's worse, the WINNER not

only didn't have abs, but you couldn't see an ounce of

muscle development on her entire body! Does she even

work out?

Symmetry: Does muscle development create nice lines and

flow for the body? Again, we have a case where both the

winners of the men and women were clearly not the best,

symmetrically speaking. Only two of the top 5 women had

symmetry based on bikini criteria. Two others of the top

5 had very poor symmetry with their large (one with butt

implants) rears and clearly fat stomachs that they tried

to conceal by hiking up their bikini bottoms. Again, the

best girls with respect to symmetry didn't make the top

5. For the men, the winner also had poor symmetry. His

waist was too large for his upper body. His thighs were

also too big for this calves.

Balance: Do opposing muscle groups of the body create

proper proportion in the body? For example, does the

indivdiual have very well developed arms, but have a

poorly developed chest? For both the men and women,

again, the winners were very unbalanced as were several

other members of the top 5 for each group. Furthermore,

the two best balanced candidates for the men and women

were not included in the top 5. In the case of the male

winner, his quads were huge when compared to the rest of

his body. In the case of the female winner, she didn't

have an ounce of muscle on her body that could be assed

for balance. Even a couple of the other top 5 were very


Asthetic Harmoney: Similar to symmetry, in creating the

"look" of a winner. Again, this is something a trained

judge can see immediately. As I said earlier, the two

winners for both the men and women didn't catch my eye in

a positive manner.

Skin Quality: From your vantage point as a judge, does

the person have visible blemishes or uneven skin tone? I

have 20/10 vision (50% better than 20/20) and from what I

could tell, the winners didn't have the best skin

quality. Furthermore, nobody had glaring skin faults.

This % of the score is also a throwaway like audience


Stage presence: Does the person appear confident and

poised on creating a winning atmosphere? Is their voice

clear and their words strong? This criteria seemingly

wasn't considered at all by the judges. Both of the

winners, and many of the top 5 had very poor stage

presence. The routines of the winners for both the men

and women were weak at best. In the case of the men,

pathetic would be a better word. The male winner looked

as if he had not prepared at all and was goofing off

during his routine. The female winner looked tentative.

When she spoke at the microphone, her voice was very

weak. The BEST male creative posing candidate didn't

make the top 5. Again, for the most part, this should

have been a throwaway category and only considered in the

case of a tie with respect to the condition of the body.

So what was the aftermath?

In my educated opinion, neither of the best candidates

made the Top 5. In addition, in the case of the

finalists, the most underserving of all of the female

candidates placed in the top 3, and she wasn't the

winner. The winner was weak herself however, and

shouldn't have placed any higher then 9th place.

For the men, again, the best male candidate didn't place

in the top 5. There were at least 2 other male

candidates that were better than the Top 5 male

finalists. As was the case of the female winner, the

male winner should have only placed in the bottom half.

The winners, including many of the Top 5, were shocked at

the decision of the judges. Many of the candidates were

deeply hurt and upset that they were not picked. For

those who were picked for the top 5, many were apologetic

for their placings because they too didn't think that

they were deserving of their placings over their

competitors who were obviously better qualified.

The audience was stunned in silence. Many audience

members were grumbling words like "fixed", "staged", or

"the only purpose is to promote Subic like in 2002".

Even many of the relatives of the top 5 were visibly

angry, not because their candidate finished high, but

because they were picked with a group of undeserving male

and female candidates. One man in particular felt

insulted that his girlfriend or wife (I'm not sure) was

included with "two anorexics and a fat girl" as he put

it. He also said that others who didn't place in the top

5 should have been there so his lady would have been

proud of her finish. It also appeared that one or two

candidates walked out before the show was finished.

Why didn't they put the two best candidates from both the male and female division in the Top 5? They did so because they didn't want to make the best male candidate and the best female candidate stand next to their chosen winners in a comparison round, i.e. the top 5. If these two candidates would have stood next to their predetermined winners, the winners would look inadequate and it would expose the sham to even the average untrained observer. But to the trained observer, Slimmers shot themselves in the foot to an even greater degree. When you don't put the best candidates in the top, it's obvious you are hiding something. It's just like most bodybuilding, bikini, figure, or other fitness competitions that have been staged in the past or decided by politics. Shame on you Slimmers World. It's only too obvious due that exclusion that you are trying to hide the best candidates to make your "winners" look better, and that's both unfair and wrong.

My conclusions and observations:

Slimmers World Bikini Bodies 2005 was an absolute

failure. To me, they lost integrity as an organization

and credibility as a leader in fitness by how they picked

the candidates initially as well as how the show

concluded. For the both the men and women, it was clear

to most who witnessed the spectacle that the purpose was

only to promote Slimmers World Subic at the expense of

their other clients. Many candidates and their

supporters felt used like puppets in a promotion game and

swore that they would abandon their memberships and join

other more credible gyms. People who joined even just

for fun became angry, citing that if such underserving

people can place high, then why couldn't they do the


Furthermore Slimmers World did not promote a healthy

lifestyle. This was especially true in the case of the

female category where it appeared that bodies that are

the result of eating disorders and diet pills are what is

considered "desirable". I'm sorry, but when you are very

skinny but have a high bodyfat %, that's a very clear

indicator of an eating disorder. Slimmers World could

make the argument that "this is not a bodybuilding

contest". That's correct, but in the case of the

females, the most muscular girl (who still had a large

waist and no abs) finished higher than the two other

girls who were muscular but much smaller, pound for pound

and had abs.

All Slimmers World accomplished with their Bikini Bodies

2005 was create a corporate feel of animosity and

bitterness amoungst its competitors and members. This

review serves as a warning to others who are interesting

in joining Slimmers world Bikini Bodes in 2006. To

expand on this warning, I'll say the following:

If you are entering with the purpose of winning 100% and

having fun as a side-effect, don't bother unless:

A) You're a member of a branch they are trying to


B) You're tall, frighteningly thin, and with white

features in the case of the women. Morena filipinas need

not apply.

If you enter only to have fun and really don't care how

you finish or why, even if you are the best contestant on

the stage, by all means join the competition.

I will take down this review and criticism of Slimmers

World ONLY if they make the following changes:

1) DO NOT include celebrity judges or especially judges

from the fasion industry on your panel of judges. You

only discredit your competition and alienate the contests

who are not, nor they wish to be, part of show business.

2) Make a pledge to follow your actual written scoring


3) Make scores available to all audience members and

candidates upon request following the competitions.

Allow for formal protesting of the judging scores.

4) Post these changes in both your clubs on your bulletin

boards as well as the Slimmers World website.

In my opinion, Slimmers World is losing ground in the

booming fitness industry. Their gyms are often

overcrowded due to their oversold nature. Competitions

such as Bikini Bodies 2005 do not build loyal to their

brand. Instead, they are only breeding contempt.

Posted by slimmersreview at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 8 May 2005 11:48 AM EDT
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