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Slimmers Review
Wednesday, 24 January 2007
Another year of stupidity has come and gone
Mood:  irritated

When will you people learn?  When will you accept that Slimmers World contestants are either pirated from other gyms and/or take steroids, and YES, I'm talking about the top female contestants as well.  2007 is now upon us and we have yet another year to have to stomach Great Bodes or Bikini Bodies.

 So when will you people learn that this is about marketing?  Look at the before and after pictures.  Isn't that telling enough?  Steroids, steroids, and more steroids.  That's great bodies.  For bikini bodies, they let any and all enter and proclaim them to be "finalists" when anyone with an iota of intelligence knows that Slimmers World marketing agents literally beg and plead with people to compete for them in exchange for memberships and basically anything else under the sun.  The megamall reps tried to do that with myself and my two friends who are part of the "superift" elite class of athletes.  Integrity and the fact that we can't train in their 3rd world or 2nd class facilities keeps us from selling out to their begging and pleading.

Why do I post this?  Because I want people to wake up to the reality that Slimmers World is on the verge of bankruptcy.  What does this mean?  Basically that your "lifetime" memberships will be null and void if this happens.  But what difference does it make?  Their clubs are so oversold with 15 year life-time deadbeat members that you cannot use their ancient equipement without having to wait in line.

So join a real gym.  Think critically and take a hard look at their facilities.  Slimmers World is a 3rd world dump in my experienced opinion.  Only a handful of good gyms exist such as Eclipse 24/7 in Malate and Ortigas/Shaw, the Galleria branch of Golds, Zest, and a few others that are too small and unknown to mention.

Do you want to look like a Great Bodies or Bikini Bodies contestant in 2007 without the steroids?  Forget about Slimmers World.  Let them die the slow death that is inevitable.  There are better choices out there.

Posted by slimmersreview at 2:03 PM EST
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